All-in-One AI Factory

BafCloud consolidates your AI development, eliminating the need to switch between APIs. Our platform is the singular solution to manage, integrate, build, and scale AI-driven projects.

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Reduction in AI integration time for developers


AI Open-source Models and more


Access to AI agents and support, maximizing productivity

No need to use another platform for your AI development

BafCloud provides everything you will need.

Single API Access

Use BafCloud to access thousands of AI models, along with multiple AI agents and features, through a single API with one unified configuration.

Project Management Features

Create independent projects, assign custom features to each, and interact with individual projects using custom API keys.

Agents for Every Use Case

Find and integrate the right AI agent for your project effortlessly with a single click.

LLM Management

Manage, fine-tune, and deploy a multitude of large language models with a user-friendly interface.

Stable Service Assurance

Even if OpenAI or any LLM provider experiences API issues, your service remains stable. Switch between LLM providers seamlessly with just one click to ensure a consistent client experience.

Developer Portal

If you can't find an agent or feature that fits your project's needs, build and deploy it on BafCloud, then use it wherever required.

Powerful Framework

With BafCode, our open-source framework, you can quickly build custom AI agents for your specific needs. It allows integration with any API or library, including OpenAI, Pinecone, Azure Cloud, AWS, Gmail, Langchain, or your own APIs.

Profit Sharing

As a developer, you can leverage the power of BafCode Framework to build custom AI agents tailored to your needs. Once built, you can deploy these agents on BafCloud and make them publicly accessible to other users. This not only contributes to the BafCloud community but also opens up avenues for profit sharing.

We believe that AI will play a Significant role

in increasing productivity in every organization and we want you to be part of it.


AI development shouldn't take too much time

With BafCloud, we provide the right tools you need to efficiently organize and rapidly launch your AI projects.

Find all your favorite Large Language Models

and have the ability to use, deploy, fine-tune, and test them all in one place, with an easy-to-use experience.


Stop overthinking how to build AI features

Accelerate your development journey by leveraging the power of inspiration from AI agents. BafCloud's repository of use cases is a treasure trove of ideas, showcasing how diverse AI functionalities can be implemented across different scenarios.

By observing and adapting these real-world applications, you can bypass the trial-and-error phase, fast-tracking the deployment of sophisticated AI features in your own projects. This not only shortens your development cycle but also sparks innovation, allowing you to deliver cutting-edge solutions with speed and confidence.


Too Much API Configuration?

  • You don't need to use and configure multiple APIs simultaneously.

  • BafCloud provides you with all the features you will need, which can be accessed through a single API, enabling you to start integrating AI into your projects as quickly as possible.


Build with A Powerful Framework

If you're looking to build a custom AI agent for your specific use case, we offer BafCode, a free open-source framework that enables you to create AI agents in minutes.

You can integrate any API or library in the world, whether it's OpenAI, Pinecone, Azure Cloud, AWS, Gmail, Langchain, or your own APIs.


Work with a management, not randomly.

BafCloud enhances collaboration with streamlined project management tools, allowing teams to efficiently organize, track, and collaborate on AI projects in a unified space. This includes the ability to manage and track spending for each project, ensuring teams can collaborate effectively while maintaining budget control.


Host, Access, Custom Agents.

With BafCloud, easily host your bespoke solutions in a secure, accessible environment.

Your custom-built agents are readily available, anytime you need them.